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L. S. Lowry Art prints & posters

L.S. Lowry (1887-1976) is one of Britain's best loved artists, and his distinctive style captured the busy working lives of industrial city life in northern England. King & McGaw works in partnership with The Lowry in Salford, which is home to the world's largest public collection of paintings and drawings by the artist.

L.S. Lowry

The Artist

L.S. Lowry

L。 S。 Lowry (1887-1976) is best known for painting industrial scenes of North West England in the mid 20th century。 His characteristic style has a dreamlike quality, populated by stylised figures referred to as ‘matchstick men’。 Although Lowry was trained in academic drawing, he chose to develop his own naive style which has brought him widespread recognition。 His mysterious, weatherless landscapes express a personal response to the world around him that never fails to bewitch the viewer。 Lowry’s paintings tell the true tale behind English city life。

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