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Standing Female Nude II 1946

Framed art print by 德国时时彩Pablo Picasso
Framed print, 80 x 53 cm
Pablo Picasso

The Artist

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is undeniably the most prolific artist of the 20th century. From child prodigy to creative revolutionary, in his lifetime Picasso produced countless masterpieces. His work has had a profound influence on modern art that can still be felt today.

Together with Georges Braque, Picasso founded the Cubism movement which deconstructed the tradition of perspective in painting. His seminal work, ‘Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon (1907)’ was ground-breaking in its abstraction, with flattened geometric planes and reference to African Art.

During his career he worked through an impressive array of styles, from the melancholic Blue period to his restless furtherance of Surrealism, but every work is a testament to his ingenious mastery over colour and form. Picasso also enjoyed working in many mediums, from painting to lithography and ceramics. Discover our diverse collection of prints by this truly iconic artist.

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